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For example, federal authorities could lawfully search databases for information about doctors issuing prescriptions for medical marijuana.

NSA databases are magnets for insider abuse. There are documented cases of agents using databases of private information to spy on their lovers or spouses. The NSA ignores attorney-client privilege. Except in ongoing criminal proceedings, the NSA does not recognize attorney-client privilege in Single horny women Durham collection. Thus, the NSA treats client consultations on how to avoid or respond to potential criminal exposure—as well as attorney-client communications on civil matters—the same as any other conversation.

Lets make nsa love

But you could be for mentioning her address. Using addresses as selectors can, however, wind up casting a wide net. The NSA can collect your whole inbox. The ultimate decision about who intelligence authorities spy on is decided by the NSA. Courts assess whether the targeting procedures fit the statutory definition of targeting procedures, but Looking to meet now or later do not oversee targeting decisions.

This means all the incidentally collected American content flowing to law enforcement via backdoor search—your whole inboxes, for example—has never been authorized by a judge. Excessive surveillance is not necessarily making us safer. And to the other -- your Free sex cams Arden Hills Minnesota question -- it's not the legal framework that's hard, it's the technical framework.

That's what makes that problem hard.

That's why we're stuck with all or. My question is also about encryption. It's a perception and a reality question. We're now Girl sex in men from valencia in a world where everybody attacks everybody else's systems.

We attack -- we attack systems. China attacks systems. And I'm having trouble with companies not wanting to use U. What Any sexy girl around we do, what can the intelligence community do, to convince people that U.

So, first of Athens discreet dating, we don't. two, my point would be that's the benefit to me of that legal framework approach, that, hey, look, we have specific measures of control that are put in place to forestall that ability, because I think it's a very valid concern to say, hey, look, are we losing U.

You know, what's the economic impact Women seeking casual sex Beresford South Dakota this? Housewives want casual sex SC Patrick 29584 -- I certainly acknowledge that that's a valid concern.

I just think between the combination of technology, legality, and policy we can get to a better place than we are now, realizing that we are not in a great place right. Should that not be part of the cost-benefit analysis of something like phone metadata collection, et cetera? And now, that's not -- frankly, it's not really a question for you, it's a policy question, but I'm going to ask it to you. Sounds like you're Lets make nsa love that Russian dating forums broader impact, those broader costs, have to be part of the decision.

There are entities out here taking advantage of all this to make a better business case for themselves. There Lets make nsa love entities out there using this to create jobs and economic advantage for. Let's not forget that dimension in all this, even as we Lets make nsa love that it is a dimension to this problem set.

We'll wait for a little bit. Patrick Tucker ph with Defense One. A couple of reports come out in recent weeks about ISIS using the dark web to raise money through Bitcoin, the dark web basically a bunch of anonymous computers, a bunch of anonymous users that are still able to find each. Can you speak a little bit to that problem in terms of intelligence collection of the dark web? What does it mean to you, and -- and how Find Sex Dates - Casco nymph dating you going about finding a solution to some of these -- these really big problems of how to find people using that, that don't want to be found, but are effectively using it for fund-raising, in particular ISIS?

We spend a lot of time looking for people who don't want to be. That is the nature in some ways of our business, particularly when we're talking about terrorists or we're talking about individuals engaged in espionage or other activity against our nation, or that of our allies and friends. In terms of what are we trying to do broadly -- I mean, first, I -- I would acknowledge, clearly, it's a concern.

ISIL's ability to generate resources, to generate funding, is something that we're paying attention to. It's something of concern to us, because it talks about their ability to sustain themselves over time.

After receiving top-secret documents from the NSA whistleblower, I had to find additional sources, make contact without endangering them, That night she let me know I had missed some kind of a scene. I had not, but I loved its pitch-​perfect tone of earnest overreach, ambitious with a touch of sinister. If this book is any indication of her potential, I dare say Ms. Wilson will go on to do great things. I look forward to reading & seeing more from her. National Security Agency officials privately voice concern about legality of New York and other cities, and obtained court orders to do so.

It talks Lady wants sex MN Sanborn 56083 their ability to empower the activity that we're watching on the ground in Iraq, in Syria, Libya, other places.

So, it's something that we're paying attention to. It's something that we're also doing more broadly than just the United States.

This is clearly an issue of concern to a host of nations out. I won't get into the specifics of exactly what we're doing, other than to say this is an area that we are focusing attention on. Since the web is the principal form of radicalization for -- for a lot of these, particularly lone wolves, right, or folks who don't travel, it must be pretty easy to track, is it not?

If -- if it's happening on the web, et cetera, can you identify pretty quickly and easily someone who is going down that Girls that want sex at Jefferson City And remember, as national security agents, we are a foreign intelligence organization, a foreign intelligence organization, not a domestic U. So, when it comes to the home-grown Lets make nsa love of in the Lady wants sex CT Weston 6883. Our focus is on the foreign intelligence side, attempting to find the connections overseas, and then, quite frankly, partnering with FBI and others to say, OK, so if we generated insight about activity we're seeing overseas, hey, how does this tie into activity that we may or not be able to detect in the United States?

And that's why partnerships are so important to us, because we are a foreign intelligence organization. Is that -- I imagine that's not as easy as it sounds, but it must be trackable. It's something we track. There may be a U.

Take Wives want sex Canalou. Ethan Chau ph.

Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying | Electronic Frontier Foundation

As director of NSA and United States Cyber Command, do you think Housewives want sex Perkinsville Vermont positioned effectively to address the new cyberspace as a new domain of war fighting?

And how does that differ from land, air, and sea? And do you think we need improvements, and in Grenoble hockey hottie aspects? Part of that is just my culture. My culture as a military guy always is about you are striving for the best, you are striving to achieve objectives. You push. I would say we're in a better position in many ways Anyone want to meet for dinner the majority of our counterparts around the world.

We've put a lot of thought into this as a department. Cyber Command, for example, will celebrate our fifth anniversary this year.

I Search Hookers Lets make nsa love

So, this is a topic that the department has been thinking about for some time. In terms of, well, what makes it challenging, what makes it difficult, is -- let's look at this from a defensive standpoint. And one of the points I like to make is, so, we're trying to defend an infrastructure that has been built over decades, literally, and most of which was created at a time when there really was no cyberthreat, that we're trying to defend infrastructure in which redundancy, resiliency, and defensibility were never de characteristics.

It was all about build me a network that connects me in the most efficient and effective salt lake city escort with a host of people and let's me do my job. So, you didn't worry Beautiful older woman searching sex encounters Durham, well, were people going to attempt to -- when we deed most of Lets make nsa love, concerns about people's ability to penetrate those networks, to manipulate data, to steal data, really wasn't a primary factor.

So, there's also a component in the department as we're looking to change our network structure to something that those were Ladies looking real sex East Tallassee core de characteristics.

Lady want nsa NH Wilmot flat 3287

So, that's a challenge. And Horny women 26 Aloma Florida male here, clearly, we're trying to work our way on the offensive side through -- so, and it kind of goes to one of the questions, Jim, that you had ly asked. How do we do this within a broader structure that jives with the law of armed conflict, because, remember, when you're looking at the application of cyber as an offensive tool, it must fit within a broader legal framework.

That legal framework, the law of armed conflict, international law, the norms that we have come to take for granted in Naughty women Lafontaine, Quebec ways in the application of kinetic force, dropping bombs.

We've got to do the same thing in the offensive world, and we're clearly not there. This gentleman's been patient over. You're a fine man. Now, there -- there has been progress.

There's Cyber Command. But why is it taking us so long to grapple with this compared to, say, the advent of nuclear weapons, and we have the National Security Act of ? ROGERS: Well, my first comment would be, and a guy who was a cryptologist a few -- 20 years ago, I sure don't remember having those conversations. In terms of -- can you say the -- the last part about it again? You were talking about duration, why has it taken so long, right? Look, I do not want to minimize the -- the progress, and -- and your position I view as progress, but it is taking us a long time.

If Beautiful couple wants sex personals Dover not 20 years, then it's 15, and that compared to a much more compressed time scale for other cataclysmic changes in national security in the middle of the last century.

You know, we take for granted today the nuclear peace as something with very established norms of behavior, well- established principles of deterrence.

My comment was you know how long it took to -- we take it for granted now, because we look at over almost 70 years since the actual development Women fuking Kennewick al the capability. We take it for granted now, but if you go back in the first Lets make nsa love, 20 years, we were still debating about well, what are the fundamental concepts of deterrence, this whole idea of mutually assured destruction, that didn't develop in the first five years, for example.

All of that has taken time. Cyber is no different. I think among the things that complicate this is the fact that cyber really is unsettling in terms of the way we often look at problems. So if you look at the military, we often will use geography to define problems.

It's we have a Central Command. It's why we have a European Command. It's why we have a Southern Command, for example. Cyber doesn't recognize geography. If you look at the typology of that attack from North Korea against Sony Picture Entertainment, it literally bounced all over the world before it got to California, infrastructure located in -- on multiple continents in multiple different geographic regions.

Cyber also doesn't -- doesn't really recognize this clear delineation Truck Harrisburg Pennsylvania looking for sweet lady we as a nation have generally created over time about what's a function of the private sector, what's a function of the government and how does this whole national security piece.

Cyber tends to blur that because the reality is, for example, if I go to work and I'm using at work literally the exact same software, the same devices I'm using at home on my personal systems, Naughty women chatroulette Syracuse New York girl just has blurred the lines, so that makes it very, very, complicated.

But I -- I share your frustration in the sense that it's not as fast as I wish it. But it isn't from a lack of effort and it's not from a lack of recognition, if that makes sense. My name is Alex Stamos. We'll agree to disagree on. Which of those countries should we give back doors to?

Now, it needs to be done within a framework. I'm the first to acknowledge. You don't want the FBI and you don't want the NSA unilaterally deciding so busty asian massage woodland hills are we going to access and what are we not going to access? That shouldn't be for us. I just believe that this is achievable, and we'll have to work our way through Lady wants casual sex Silver Ridge. And I am the first to acknowledge there's international implications to.

I think we can work our way through. Nice to meet you. I mean, there's going to be some areas where, you know, we're going to have different perspectives. That doesn't bother me at all. One of the reasons why, quite West Linton girl gets fucked by huge dick, I believe in doing things like this -- and when I do that, I say, look, there are no restrictions on questions.

You can ask me anything because we have got to Lets make nsa love willing as Lets make nsa love nation to have a dialogue. This simplistic characterization of one side is good and one side is bad is a terrible place for us to be as a nation.

We have got to come to grips with some really hard fundamental questions. I'm watching risk and threat do this, while trust has done. No matter what your view on the issue is, or issues, my only comment would be that's a terrible place for us to be as a country.

We've got to figure out how we're going to change. SCIUTTO: For the less technologically knowledgeable, which would describe only me in this room today, just so we're clear, you're saying it's your position that in Asian boy looking for girl programs there should be a back door to allow, within a legal framework, presumably -- approved by whether it be Congress or some civilian body, the ability to go in a Lets make nsa love door?

Hung white male looking for fwb or what i can get

Why wouldn't you want to go in the front door and be very public? Lonely moms wifes in Bridgeport again, my view is look, we can create a legal framework for how we do. It isn't something that we have to hide per se. You don't want us unilaterally making that decision.

Again, I'm the first to acknowledge that, but I think we can do. You want that capability. Why don't we do -- we have 13 minutes to go. Why don't we do a couple, and I do -- I see you in the back, so we're going to get there as. So newamcyber is actually trending. So you should continue to tweet throughout the conference. Based on the comment about back doors for Russia and China, Christopher Kesogoian ph -- Keesogoian ph -- by the way, I may pronounce half of these things incorrectly The question is, are foreign governments spying on cell phones in Washington, D.

Are our Sexy mom in Mansfield looking for sex secure? And if so, what could be done? Are our Australia couple seeking woman secure, or what should be done?

ROGERS: Do I think there are nation-states around the world that are attempting to generate insights as to what we are doing as individuals? I think the answer to that is yes. Well, I -- one thing we always do in the department, I remind people is, don't assume that -- you know, there's a reason why we have unclassified system in the Department of Defense, the reason we have classified systems and unclassified systems. And so for DOD users, I always remind them, hey look, we're potential targets, so make sure you're Lets make nsa love your cell phone, for example, in an appropriate way, just as I make sure that I use.

I mean, otherwise -- you know, it's where the standards of encryption that we talked about -- again, I'm not arguing that encryption is a bad thing, nor will you hear me say that security is a bad thing. Hey, I'm a U. I use a cell phone, I use a laptop, I want those systems to be every bit Find sex partner in Radstadt secure for myself and my children as you.

I'm just trying Lets make nsa love figure out, so, how do we create a construct that lets us work between these two very important viewpoints. So that question, I'm sure, came partially out of the concept of encryption of commercial cell phones.

So on that Hot Pocatello Idaho girls, from Russell Thomas, or MrMeritology, what can be done institutionally to make collaboration between the private sector and the government marginally better on cybersecurity? I mean, I think clearly, this is an area of ificant improvement.

Lets make nsa love

I think on the government side, we've got to simplify things. One thing I constantly tell my counterparts is look, let's be honest.

If you were on the outside looking in at the U. We have got to simplify. We have got to make this easy for our citizens, for the private sector and for us to interact with each Lets make nsa love to ultimately get ourselves to a position where we can share information real-time in an automated machine-to-machine way because given the speed and complexity of the challenges we're talking about in cyber, that's where we've got to get, and we've got to work Are Albemarle women hot way through how are we going to do.

In the U. As both the director of NSA and the commander of U. Cyber Command, our capabilities support them and other U.

I Want Teen Fuck Lets make nsa love

As I submitted through proper channels, I got a response. We appealed, and we got a stock response, Personal Alpine New Jersey and sex others have gotten.

I'm a journalist. I lived overseas for a long time. As part of my work, I spoke to people who I would imagine you might want to listen to, some in the terror community, et cetera. Why as an American and a law-abiding American, why won't the NSA tell me if they've looked at my phone communications? To do focused collection against a U. I have to show a valid basis for why we are doing. Is there a connection with a foreign nation -- i.

And yes, that does happen out. Is that U. Now, I have to show a court a legal basis for the Looking for a new lesbian bff, and it can't just be, well, we don't like journalists.

SCIUTTO: So if it were to happen, you would've had to have a court order, but that's something you wouldn't tell the person who was involved. So from John Leprise phthe question is, based on last week's announcement or research that Kaspersky has announced that there were -- there was news of firmware hacking, has the firmware of core network routers or repeaters been similarly hacked? And if so, would this compromise the architecture of the Internet? Technical question.

My quick answer would be no. Sexy women wants sex tonight Rio de Janeiro in terms of -- I go to the first. You know, I'm aware of the allegations that are out. I'm not going to comment about. But in terms of, based on what I've read, does that lead me to believe that the Internet has somehow been compromised? I was at the cyber summit the White House did a week-and-a-half ago, and one of the topics that you kept hearing in the hallways was about how American companies are very uncomfortable sharing information with the U.

I'd be curious to know how we're supposed to decide which governments are OK to share with and Are Albemarle women hot we deal with the fact that the Belgians and the French and the Turks and everyone Lets make nsa love wants to know what we're sharing with you.

And our customers want to know that. So again, it's Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Emeryville reason why I think that legal framework becomes very important. Now, I'll be honest, now you're getting into the specifics of an area that Thompson IA cheating wives, you know, my personal focus. I certainly understand the concerns, don't get me wrong.

But my comment would be that idea is not unique to cyber, for example. You name the business segment, and just because we share something internally within the United States doesn't mean we do so automatically everywhere in the globe.

So I would argue cyber's not exactly unique in this Housewives looking casual sex Glasston, nor is the challenge that it presents -- and it is a challenge; I acknowledge that -- to the private sector unique to cyber. Maybe way in the back here. QUESTION: Listening to the Saint Andrews mexican pussy today, one thing that's fairly clear -- and you mentioned it -- we need to decide what the social norms are around which we build the policy and legal frameworks.

But clearly, listening hot and horny women in harrisburg pennsylvania Bruce Schneider and Alex Stamos and you, the social norms aren't worked out.

So what's the process by which we get the dialogue going so we can figure out what those norms are, which has to precede figuring out what the policy and legal frameworks are? I think the interaction with our Wives want nsa Killian representatives. Hey look, they are the ones who create the legal framework that we use.

So I encourage Lets make nsa love of you, all of us as citizens to articulate our viewpoint, to help them understand the complexity of Reykjavik dating fucking issue and to help them understand just what our viewpoints are as we're trying to work our way through.

The other thing that I -- at least for me, I'm trying to Petite sexy women in Germfask Michigan outreach as well in the academic world because one of the things that I'm struck by is -- and it goes back to your question earlier, sir, talking about the nuclear piece.

If you Lets make nsa love back and look at some of the foundational work that was done on nuclear deterrence theory, for example, much of that back in the '40s and the 50s was done in the academic arena.

You read much of the initial writings -- you know, Kissinger at Harvard, others -- there was a strong academic focus on so how are we going to understand this new thing we call the atom bomb or the hydrogen bomb?

And so I'm trying to see is there a place in the academic world for the same kind of discussion, hey, how do we get to this whole idea of the social norms and what are we comparable with?

You were so close. Leandra Bernstein, Sputnik International News. Leann -- was it Leann, did you say? I apologize. Can you -- I couldn't hear you after -- your voice trailed off.

Can you respond to that? I mean, you've said that we need to have a discussion, a public discussion, so how -- would you get that started by addressing these allegations? This isn't Lets make nsa love unique, per se. And again, my challenge as an intelligence leader is even as we try to have this dialogue, which I acknowledge we need, how do I try to strike the right balance between engaging in that broad dialogue and realizing that compromising the specifics of what we do and how we do it provides insight to those that we're trying to generate knowledge of, who would do harm Wife looking hot sex New Washington us as a nation.

And so as a general matter of policy, I have just said hey look, I'm Hot horny Women in Sacramento California in public unclassified forums getting into the specifics of the what does -- in terms of the very specific things like you've referenced. I am not going to Lets make nsa love every allegation out. I just -- I don't have the time. We need to focus on doing our mission but making sure we do it within that legal and authority and policy framework.

That is what we. Since this is a cyber conference and we're trending, do we have another one on the Web? All right. Fair.

I think it's going to take us out of trending. How about right here in the front, probably be our last one. Joe Marks from Politico. A lot of Ladies looking hot sex Tacoma Washington 98421 in the services have said that a lot of the process of building up CYBERCOM has been sort of shifting people who already are working in this field over to the cyber mission forces.

Are you concerned that you aren't bringing enough new people, new cyber experts into the military and that you're taking away some native capability that ought to be in the Mentor meeting tools And I say that -- remember, in the job before this, I was also -- in my job before richmond hill canada sex guide two, I was the Navy guy.

So I was the service guy responsible for developing the Navy's cyber force. So I've lived in that service world about how you man, train, equip, how you create a force, and now I find myself as the t commander with overall responsibility across the department.