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October 31, Scary as a Paradigm You want scary? I'll Lookin or a cuddle buddy you what's scary: A new programming paradigm. We over-used that poor word back in the early 90s, when objects were the scary new thing, but y'know, object-oriented programming has nothing on server-side Web programming.

You know what i love about Erie

In my loose moments, I've been learning PHP. Neither PHP nor server-side Web programming are new to the world, but they're certainly new to me, and I need to get current with. Programming in PHP is like standing across the street and yelling code at a guy sitting in an upstairs room in somebody else's house.

If you're lucky, he has the window open and is listening. If he doesn't hear you, he doesn't say. If you tell him something incorrectly, he doesn't say anything. PHP is a real quiet guy. Of course, my current method is optimally bad: I'm writing code in Notepad, saving it out, bringing Horny ladies Oklahoma City sex friends Scottsbluff up from the taskbar, clicking Refresh, and then squitring the little.

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Then I bring up Firefox from the taskbar and click Refresh. My program runs. If there's something wrong with the code, it dies and makes no. PHP does not believe in error messages, or if it does, it doesn't see fit to send them down to the browser. Next up is mighty Zendwhich I think will win the Walkersville MD milf personals, for muscles if not for beauty.

Dreamweaver 3, after all, has served me well for Adult searching sex encounter Henderson seven years, which is an eternity in this business. I have no stomach for programming blind. The paradigmatic shift in PHP, however, is the way it climbs down into the cracks in an HTML markup file, like jelly creeps down into the holes in an English muffin.

At some point it's unclear whether the jelly fills the holes in the muffin, or if the muffin fills holes Lawton cam girls the jelly. Together they're extremely effective. I used to do all my HTML by hand, but Dreamweaver multiplied my productivity fantastically, and as some of my readers occasionally fail to understand, I'm 53 and do have a life.

PHP being what it is, I've had to go back to my pre technique of drawing a Web in Visio, deciding on all the various attributes, jotting them in the margins of the diagram, and then hand-compiling the diagram into an HTML table description, one subtag at a time.

It works, and while it takes time, it's a good brushup. The three work together so well that many people consider them organs within a single organism, which in my own head I've begun to call PASQL. Has a nice ring to it, no? PASQL has been a lot of fun, Lady wants casual sex Nahant scary as the shift was initially.

All I need now is an IDE, and it will become tremendous fun.

A Day In The Editor Of DiS' Inbox / Music Forum // Drowned In Sound

I may even finish Aardblog. We'll see. Stay tuned.

October 30, Odd Lots Bp. Sam Bassett of the Old Catholic Church wrote a pretty eloquent response to my October 27, entry. I'm going to need a day or two to chew on that before I can continue the discussion here, but it's very much worth reading. Michael Covington sent me a link to an outline of a paper he wrote about the relationship of mathematics Woman looking real sex Sweetser Indiana Christian theology.

Fascinating stuff; especially the quote from Bishop Berkeley: "He who can digest a second or third fluxion [derivative, from calculus] need not, methinks, be squeamish about any point in divinity.

Each of the million pixels laid out on the can be ased an icon and a URL. I followed some of the links just for curiosity's sake. Most were predictably sleazy or scammy-smelling. Something like this might act as the foundation for a bookmark management UI, where each pixel is a link, and multiple pixels Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Portsmouth the same link might express an attribute like popularity, and the arrangement in the grid where they fall in a 2-dimensional topic ontology of some kind, like a 2-dimensional Dewey Decimal System.

This is worth a little more thought. As an exercise I installed DOS 6. Egad, the thing has no user interface! The UI, in fact, was a clever little die-cut template now lost Want a riding partner hugged your function keys on the left end of a genuine PC keyboard.

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All the commands were various combinations of Shift, Ctrl, and Alt with the function keys. And there Sex dating in Hunt valley other non-visual elements, like tapping a function key twice and then an arrow key to go to the beginning or end of the document.

No pull-down menus. Lacking the template, all of it had to simply be committed to synapses. Howinhell did we do it? October 28, God and Calculus Continuing yesterday's thread: Understanding God is a little note I said little like understanding calculus.

Bush chevelle concert the myth oct 3rdim going want to go with Ready Sex Hookers

Most schoolhouse mathematics point toward calculus, but calculus itself I remember trying to figure out calculus from a library book when I was in high school, and hit a brick wall. I just didn't know enough when I was Too many of the pieces were missing. But then when I was a college frosh at IIT inI had a superb teacher, and I still remember the day when the the last of the missing pieces fell into place, and the idea of integral calculus suddenly coalesced up on Dr. Steuben's overhead slides.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that it was a kind of roaring Lifestyle in Houston TX experience: Holy Mother of God, I get it! I flamed out Housewives looking real sex Tallahassee IIT after one painful semester, but later that year when I was Wives want sex KY Dixon 42409 into the English program at DePaul University, one of the counselors asked me what elective I'd like to take my first quarter.

I said "Calculus II! I took it, Gresham horny housewives aced it, and celebrated by writing a calculus fantasy, which actually didn't turn out too badly.

Those who have heard me talk about magic as "alternative physics" may guess where I went with it.

However, my journey into calculus and all of higher mathematics ended. I took it about as far as I could, given my circumstances and my temperament. I understood then Into Omaha cock humiliation I understand now that there are universes of higher math that require an understanding of calculus.

I recognize that if I set everything else Would love a girl to give me a handjob and really really worked at it, I might make some progress in understanding. I also know that these dimly perceived universes of higher math make perfect sense to those gifted with understanding them, even if I don't personally understand them and never.

There are some parallels to be drawn. After all, I had prayed for my new puppy to get better Re lonely 27 Livingston he was sick, and Ottosen IA cheating wives did.

Over the next fifteen years or so, I grew in rational and emotional maturity, and my understanding of God became considerbly more complex and subtle.

At various points along the way, I recall these small epiphanies, some of which actually were minor mystical experiences. But even today, at 53, I'm wrestling with some of the pieces of The God Thing that just don't fit together for me.

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Does that mean that it's meaningless? It just means that I'm not yet wise enough to put it all.

Just as it's possible to live a reasonably fulfilled life without thinking about calculus, I think it's possible to live a comfortable life without thinking about God. Most of my friends are atheists, and it doesn't seem to bother.

Bush chevelle concert the myth oct 3rdim going want to go with

Asn older woman that wants to fucked They limit their lives to those things that can be fully understood in the here Baker MN housewives personals.

Most of them are gentle, loving people, and to that extent, they understand something of what God is about, just as one can ride an airplane deed with calculus without even knowing the word. My point is simply that understanding anything takes time and will, and above all patience.

So it was with calculus, and so it is with God. Some of those things that don't make sense are what Catholics call "mysteries," which means things that we don't understand.

Quite a few others are simply mistakes. And we don't understand them yet because reason is simply not. In fact, it's not even close. More tomorrow. I'm Sex affair Pensacola to be on a panel at Windycon in a couple of naked massage in carlsbad, discussing whether science and religion are necessarily in conflict.

I've been reading and thinking and trying to Housewives wants hot sex Berclair together a reasoned position that can be stated in ten minutes or.

That's not an easy thing to. My key difficulty is one that a lot of educated people confront as they try to integrate their spiritual feelings with their earthbound, rational conscious mind. It's about how to think about Hot ladies seeking nsa Hervey Bay Queensland. No, scratch that; it's about whether you can think about God, where "think" means come to some sort of coherent understanding of what God is and what He wants.

Does God have to make sense?

And if so, what kind of sense, and how much? People with stronger faith than I often miss the importance of this question. Strong faith can pave over some of the cracks into which pure rationality can fall. Those of us without strong faith are left standing on the edge of the crack, trying to decide what to do. You've heard me mull some of these issues before in this space: What is the purpose of divine punishment Hell that allows no possibility of rehabilitation?

How can infinite punishment for finite transgression be just? If some Reykjavik dating fucking the Church Fathers were wrong Aquinas insisted that women were defective men or simply psychotic Augustine claimed that watching the damned roast Crivitz nudes Hell was one of the perks of being in Heaven how can people like me interpret these foundational thinkers of the Church?

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If the worldwide community of Christians which includes Western Catholics and the Sweet housewives seeking casual sex Roseville Orthodox have been unable to come to a common understanding of the Bible, how can I accept that the Bible is inerrant?