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Posted: Tue Mar 04, pm Member ed: Fri Feb 22, pm Posts: 72 Location: Myrtle Beach SC man wrote: That attitiude only separates electronic musicians from every other musician and feeds the myth that electronic music Find sex partner in Radstadt 'made by the machines' Learn to play in time I say. It's a valuable skill if you need to sync a large of boxes, in order to play live, or make a live recording.

In those situations the electronic musician has always relied on midi.

This is necessary becuase, no matter how good your timing is, the timing of the machine will put the sound out of whack. That way you don't need to fart about trying to get 'that human feel' - it's already there This is another 'MPC' style myth - you don't need an MPC to make hip hop or any other electronic shemale escorts in south whittier california and you don't need midi.

Grandmaster Flash didn't use it. What you do need is patience, practice and perseverance.

And an original idea or two Stop confusing people with your drabble lol. Even fruityloops uses midi.

Every time you click the mouse it is inputing a midi note? WoW plus no professional studios record without syncing up there gear.

You think just blaze was running in the studio with his 4k saying oh wait i will get this next time bla bla bla he used midi, just like every live musician uses midi to control various racks and other keyboards from a master keyboards on stage.

Princes keyboardist uses 7 nordle with Horny ladies of new Green Bay. You are really showing you ignorance about this subject.

Also what does the mpc have to do with this or midi now your just tossing crap in? The main problem i have with everythign you state is you are implying midi as though it steals the feel from your music when in fact you should be saying Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Emeryville does that, 2 diffrent things here man.